Marker Jester 16 ID Bindings 2017-2018

MSRP: $425.00

The Jester 16 (6-16 DIN) is celebrated as one of the most reliable bindings on the market. A horizontally-oriented spring in the toe piece brings about ultra-high energy absorption to prevent early, undesirable release. A large contact area on the toe lug also yields awesome power transmission. Furthermore, a gliding AFD moves with the boot to reduce release friction. In the rear, the heelpiece is also particularly crafted to deliver the utmost grip on your boot. Magnesium—boasting a high strength-to-weight ratio—is utilized for burliness sans bulk. Marker’s SOLE.ID technology also accommodates Alpine and A/T norm boot soles (as defined by ISO)—a welcome feature for the skiers who covet boots that aid in backcountry and hiking pursuits.

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  • Marker $425.00