Rise 34+ Backpack

MSRP: $175.00

With 34 liters (or 42, thanks to a height-adjustable lid) of storage, the Rise 34+ is trustworthy for weekend-long overnight outings or longer tours that require a bit more gear than your typical day trip. A reinforced avalanche tool pocket stands tough in the face of sharp shovel blades and two lateral pockets provide extra storage for water bottles, gas canisters, 24 oz. summit “sodas” and other cylindrical objects. As an added plus, the foam back-pad can be removed and utilized as a sitting mat to keep you dry during your lunch break.

— An oversized tool pocket provides ample room for shovels of varying size while a dedicated sleeve provides quick, easy access to your probe.

— Adjustable straps on the shoulders and hip fins help fine-tune the fit and load-carrying position, depending on body anatomy and the type of terrain being crossed.

— X-framed aluminum stays help to transfer the load onto the hip fins.

— Deuter’s VariFlex hip fins pivot and follow the user’s movements for efficient travel no matter what type of terrain you’re navigating. The hip fins can be easily removed to save weight or to provide easy access to a climbing harness.

— The U-shaped outer frame ensures a lightweight, stable load transfer.

— Breathable mesh on the shoulder straps allows moisture and heat to escape, providing that necessary cool down and preventing soakage.

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